The average Atlanta home uses 217 gallons of water per day, and over 1/2 of that is for landscape irrigation. That’s over 100 gallons PER DAY to water lawns, plants, trees and shrubs! That’s a lot of drinking water we put into our landscapes. Why not capture the rain, store it, and use it when you need it? Most of this valuable water is lost due to run-off to streams, lakes, and rivers. In fact, 43,000 gallons of water runs off an average Atlanta home every year.

A small rain barrel just won’t help much, unless you think it will rain almost everyday – in which case, you wouldn’t need the barrel anyway. Large tanks are the answer, and that’s what Green Water Systems specializes in providing. You need to be able to store enough water to get through the weeks without rain we endure in our driest season.

At Green Water Systems, we offer an innovative solution by providing you with an affordable rainwater harvesting system right now. From small-scale manual cisterns to large-volume rainwater storage, we can implement a system that's right for you, either above or below ground.

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Our mission is to help you save money while we protect the environment.

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