Don't waste your money, time, and water. Catch the GREEN fever and get your rain tanks and rain harvesting system from Green Water Systems today!

Our rain tanks are a roto-molded poly tank available in sizes ranging from 45 gallons to over 5,000 gallons above ground and even larger when situated below ground. The addition of a simple downspout diverter with first flush technology directs clean rainwater from your roof right into your rain tank. The tank comes complete with an overflow fitting, drain plug, cover, and a threaded discharge for easy DIY installation.

There are lots of other great reasons to use rain tanks from Green Water Systems. Below are just a few of the benefits....

  • With the drought, many communities now have full watering bans or severely reduced hours for watering. Why water on a schedule? Water when your landscape needs it!
  • It's good for plants and trees. Rain water is the natural way to water. Water plants with this oxygenated, chlorine free water - plants thrive on it.
  • Control moisture around your home's foundation.
  • Keep precious water from being lost in the municipal storm drain system.
  • Protect rivers and streams from runoff pollution.
  • Our tanks all meet Federal Government standards for potable water, so when the rules change (as they have in many parched parts of the country) and you can bring rainwater into your house to supplement city water supplies, you won’t have to switch out your rain tanks!
  • Reduce water bills and save money. Why pay for it when it falls free from the sky?

Catch it, store it, and use it when you need it with rain tanks from Green Water Systems. Why rain harvesting from Green Water Systems? Because you can’t afford not to.

How much water can you save? Click HERE for our Rain Capture Calculator to find out!

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